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Carmen Chica · Martina Manyà


It all began when the sky turned grey. Too grey! The neighbors couldn't talk of anything else and decided: "Let's paint it!" So they chose to paint that horrible grey sky... red! The sky fills up with energy, excitement and... cats! And then they paint it... green! Pink! Yellow! Untill one day... CRAAACK! Oh, no! What now?

Martina Manyà (Spain) works as a freelance illustrator between Lisbon and Barcelona. Her artist book Montanhas was nominated for the Catalonian Junceda Award.
Carmen Chica (Spain) debuted as a writer with O Tempo do Gigante, published by Orfeu Negro in 2015.

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  • Publishing year 2017
  • Format Hardcover | 22 x 28,4 cm | 40 pages
  • EAN 9789898327970 
  • Cover price 14€