Carrinho de Compras

Toi Toi Toi

Catarina Sobral

Finalist JUNCEDA AWARD 2023 | Global Junceda Category

Selected for BIG AWARD 2023

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2023
RIGHTS SOLD TO: Braz. Portuguese | Korean | Spanish (Spain) & Catalan

Noa, Oscar, Khadija, Sara and Cheng want to put on a show! They each have their own ideas. But, artistic differences aside, anything is possible! Ready? Lights, curtain... TOI TOI TOI! Or... break a leg!

Catarina's new book is a reflection on the nature of theatre and the importance of teamwork when creating a show. In the end, we'll be surprised by the different ways of wishing "good luck" before a performance.


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  • Publishing year 2022
  • Format Hardcover | 22 x 28,6 cm | 40 pages
  • EAN 9789899071278
  • Cover price 15€