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Catarina Sobral

BEST CHILDREN’S BOOK | Portuguese Authors’ Society Award 2013

BEST PICTURE BOOK | International Comics Festival Amadora BD 2013

RIGHTS SOLD TO: Spanish | French | Hungarian | Braz. Portuguese | English (Singapore & Malaysia) | Simp. Chinese | Turkish | English & Filipino (Phillipines)

One day, a researcher came across a new word: ACHIMPA. Nobody knew its meaning or the word class it belonged to. Still, people started using the word as a verb. They achimped, stopped achimping and would achimp forever if it wasn’t for a linguist whom showed up in this story…
An achimping book for very achimpish readers!

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  • Publishing year 2012 | 2015
  • Format Hardcover | 21,5 x 28,5 cm | 40 pages
  • EAN 9789898327512
  • Cover price 13,50€