Carrinho de Compras

Paper Trail Around the World

Martina Manyà

Selected for BIG AWARD 2023
RIGHTS SOLD TO: Spanish | Catalan | Braz. Portuguese | French

A book for youngsters to learn the secrets hiding in a sheet of paper. It all begins with a cloud, that brings the rain, that waters the tree and makes it grow. The lumberjack cuts down the tree and in the factory the wood is cooked until it turns into paper pulp.

From Egypt to China by way of India and Japan, this was a secret kept under lock and key, until... it got to Europe! A journey spanning many centuries that tells us the origin of books and paper.


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  • Publishing year 2023
  • Format Hardcover | 17,5 x 23 cm | 56 pages
  • EAN 9789898868572
  • Cover price 13,50€