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What Planet Is This?

Eduarda Lima

Selected for BIG AWARD 2023
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What if, one seemingly ordinary night, all electricity went down? With no phones, no computers, no television, we turn to an old Encyclopedia that takes us on a journey to discover some of the many wonders of the World and inspire us to bring Nature into our cities.

From the Mendenhall Glacier to the Northern Lights, with stops at Socotra Island and the Great Coral Reef, we relearn how to look around us and notice the small and the big things. As with her debut album THE PROTEST, Eduarda continues to invite us to step beyond ourselves and embrace the natural world.


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  • Publishing year 2022
  • Format Hardcover | 22 x 28,6 cm | 40 pages
  • EAN 9789899071285
  • Cover price 15€